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30 de noviembre de 2022

Shams Tabrizi 40 Rules of Love in Urdu

The Forty Rules of Love is a novel by Turkish writer Elif Shafak. The book was published in March 2009. They are Maulana Jalal-Ud-Din, known as Rumi and her partner Shams Tabrizi. This book explains how Shams changed the scholar`s life out of love for the Sufi. Book of Forty Rules of Love conceived in Urdu in 1971. He composed the accompanying novels The Gaze The Bastard of Istanbul The Forty Rules of Love A novel by Rumi Honors the apprentice architect who composed the forty standards of affection Here is this book Composed of different means of transport between Rumi S luck in 1200 S and a housewife in modern America Written and translated into Urdu by Huma Anwar This is the story of Jalal Ul DIn Romi. Click on the link below to read online or download the full book of love stories in PDF format. – The Forty Rules Of Love by Elif Shafak pdf free download. The Forty Rules of Love in Urdu books by Elif Shafak PDF download. Read and download this book for free from here. Tags: 40 rules of love, Rumi, Shams Tabrizi, spirituality, urdu, مولانا رومی, اردو, اسلام, شمس تبریز, صوفی, عشق, عشق الہی «A novel within a novel, The Forty Rules of Love tells two parallel stories that are reflected in two very different cultures and in the seven centuries.» It all started when a housewife, Ella, received a book called Sweet Blasphemy for evaluation.

This book is about the thirteenth-century poet Rumi and his spiritual master Shams. The story told in the Forty Rules of Love is essentially «love and spirituality that explain what it means to follow one`s heart.» Elif Shafaq, the author of the book, became even more popular with Arab readers after the novel was translated into Arabic. Wah big deep words… Lkhny waly ka kya spirit ou dil hy. Luvv CE Thnkng.