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1 de diciembre de 2022

Spode Definition Urban Dictionary

«The word `spode` is a common insult used to ridicule a motocross rider who is sorely absent from the skills department. Spodies are often easy to find before they even hit the track. Just look for the guy with black plastic, clipped wings, loose pants, Metal Mulisha stickers everywhere, and a bike that will smoke the track over time. People who wear a street bike helmet while sitting on an off-road motorcycle are also rays. Oh, man! This guy just stacked it in this corner, it must be a spode. I think anyone who uses the term «spode» pejoratively these days must be some kind of spode. Laughing out loud. A spode is the guy you see trying to rip a wheelie through the box, wearing shorts, a t-shirt, tennis shoes, no gloves, a helmet, and sunglasses. My 426 has black plastics, does that make me a spode?? I go to a «Spedestest» in Idaho every year with a few friends online. Among the participants, there are AA Enduro guys who like to call themselves Spedes.

Look at the guy with the Metal Mulisha stickers, what a spode! To watch! This pode over there is wearing a road bike helmet on a motocross track. Spode`s definition matches the man who originally asked this question: if this is a hot girl missing from the skills department, could she be considered ghostly? 👍 You must be a member to leave a comment Although I admit to having had moments of Spodum in my day. 👍 Before that, it was the porcelain warehouse of Mr. Spode and Mr. Copeland. By dorkpunch, 24 February 2006 in General discussion on off-road motorcycles I think the word you`re looking for is «handsome boy» or «pharmacy cowboy». Yes, he is someone who loves to drive, who has a good job. The first Josiah Spode had a factory here in 1784 for the production of earthenware.

I`m not sensitive, but the last moped that thought it was a guy woke up the next morning with Knobbie tracks in its front yard and slept at the door! Make sure you can hurt their feelings. He is a little sensitive to this issue. 👍 Is there a name for the guy with every trick in the book and no speed? 👍 I just thought it was funny that they had «See Mike Alessi» in them! But Spode is a character from the pure planet Wodehouse – just like Aunt Agatha or Gussy Fink-Nottle. Spode had a penchant for oriental themes in his blue-printed articles, which were quickly adopted by Leeds. Josiah Spode introduced his blue-glaze «willow motif» around 1784, a copy of the Caughley motif. But Josiah Spode is best known for using considerable skill in improving blue print cream under glaze.